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Property Syndication

Investment Steps


Register your interest in investing with Silverfin and we will contact you with each new investment opportunity that is available.


When an offer is available, express your interest in finding out more and we will send through an information memorandum or product disclosure statement for you to review. We also offer investor evenings around the country for each new scheme, so you can come and meet the team and ask any questions you may have.


When you are ready to invest, fill out the application forms for the scheme and complete the required documentation and payments.


When your application is accepted, Silverfin will be in contact with you to confirm your place in the scheme and inform you when your monthly distributions will begin.

Silverfin Capital

Licensing and Compliance

Silverfin is licenced by the Financial Markets Authority (FMA) as a provider of syndication products. We also proactively engage with a Supervisor, Trustee Executors Limited (TEL), to ensure we act in the best interests of investors and meet our obligations under the Financial Markets Conduct Act.

Silverfin do their absolute best to make the investing process as understandable and straight forward as possible while still complying with our FMA license requirements.

With an FMA license, Silverfin can offer two different types of syndications: Retail and Wholesale. 

Retail investment opportunities are available to anyone interested in investing, while Wholesale schemes are available to qualified investors with wholesale certificates.

Our license is in place to safeguard investors and promotes and compliments Silverfin’s ethos of ‘investor first’. Silverfin is committed to maintain achieving a gold standard level of compliance under our obligations in the FMA.

Silverfin is also licensed under the Real Estate Authority Act (2008) which allows us to carry out real estate agency work as defined in section 4 of the act. Both licenses can viewed by clicking the buttons below.



How long does my investment last?

Silverfin investments have no fixed term but can usually be terminated by passing either a special resolution of Investors (75% of voting interests) or an ordinary resolution of Investors (50% of voting interests) depending of the length of time the scheme has been live.

Each investor has the right to sell their unit/s at any time during the term of a scheme, and Silverfin offer a range of options that help increase the liquidity of each unit including the Syndex secondary market, or the option of Silverfin personally reaching out to existing investors. The success of re-sales is dependent on the performance of the scheme at the time and Silverfin has facilitated many successful sales via both selling options.

What is the minimum investment?

The usual minimum investment for Silverfin schemes is $50,000 per unit (also known as an Interest), and investors can apply for as many units as they wish.

How do I become an eligible or wholesale investor?

Eligible investors:

Typically, new investors to Silverfin who have previous experience in investing in syndicates or similar investments qualify as eligible investors. When applying as an eligible investor you will be required to fill out some forms that confirm you have sufficient knowledge and experience dealing in financial products which enables you to assess the merits and risks of this transaction. A financial adviser, chartered accountant or solicitor is required to sign this form.

Wholesale investor:

To qualify as a wholesale investor, you must satisfy at least one of the below:

  • Investment activity: Within the past two years you’ve been involved in significant investment activity. This means you have owned a financial portfolio worth at least $1 million; or, you have carried out transactions to buy financial products worth $1 million or more (some exceptions apply).
  • A large investor: Your net assets or consolidated turnover over the past two financial years is $5 million or more.
  • Investment criteria: You have worked for an investment business within the past ten years and, for at least two years during that time you have been involved in investment decision making.
  • Investment business: You could be a fund manager, authorised financial adviser, broker, underwriter or licensed insurer.
How do the returns work?

Each scheme has a projected cash return that is distributed to investors on a monthly basis. These returns are based on the performance of each individual scheme and are usually on a pre-tax basis. Silverfin also offers Portfolio Investment Entities (PIE) schemes, from time to time, where distributions are paid on a ‘post tax’ basis at each individual investors personal tax rate, capped at 28%.

What are the risks?

There are a number of general and specific risks associated with the ownership of commercial property and Silverfin strives to be completely transparent about these and reduce them as much as possible by only offering quality investment opportunities. Each scheme’s information memorandum or product disclosure statement outlines these risks more in depth, but please contact Silverfin if you would like further information about them.

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Current Opportunities

The Christchurch Industrial Scheme is now open. To find out more or to request an Information Memorandum please click here. 

If you have any questions for the team, or would like to be added to our database to hear about new investment opportunities, please fill out the below form.

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The Secondary Market

One common concern investors have with syndication is how they can get their money out of a scheme prior to it being wound up through the sale of the property. Syndicates are less liquid than shares, for example, but Silverfin has partnered with Syndex, which has developed a secondary trading platform for investors to buy and sell units in syndicates. Units in existing Silverfin schemes regularly come available on this secondary market, allowing other users to bid on or purchase them. To view the current available units on Syndex, click the button below.

Silverfin units currently available on the secondary market

The below unit(s) are available as at the week commencing 27 September 2022. These listings are subject to change on a daily basis. Please visit Syndex for current availabilities by clicking the button above.  Some of these offers are a open to ‘Wholesale’ investors only.

Halls Portfolio Scheme (2 units available)

The portfolio consists of land and buildings at:

  • 1 & 15/1 Spartan Road, Takanini, Auckland
  • Lot 1, Factory Road, Waharoa, Waikato

Both tenants are subsidiaries of Hall’s Group Limited who operate a specialist refrigeration logistics and storage business from the properties.  This scheme is currently paying a distribution of 8.5% and is open to wholesale and/or eligible investors only.

5 Reliable Way Scheme (2 units available)

The Property consists of a large food production and distribution facility located in the light industrial zone of Mt Wellington, Auckland.  The property is 100% leased to Delmaine Fine Foods Limited with a lease running to 31 July 2027.  The Property is situated on a strategically located 20,324 sqm freehold site.  The Scheme is currently paying a distribution of 5.5% and is open to wholesale and/or eligible investors only.

Auckland Childcare Scheme (1 unit available)

The Scheme consists of four modern and purpose-built Early Childhood Education (ECE) Properties.  All properties are located in Auckland and are 100% leased on long term leases to qualified and reputable operators.

  • 1-9 Maramara Road, Whenuapai, Auckland
  • 2 Albert Street, Riverhead
  • 93-97 Victoria Street, Pukekohe
  • 1 and 1A Harrington Avenue, Pukekohe

The scheme is  cutrently paying a distribution of 4.75% and is open to wholesale and/or eligible investors only.

24 Mill Road Scheme (1 unit available)

The scheme consists of a newly constructed industrial facility located in the Mill Road Industrial Park, Whanganui.  The property was developed by Euroclass, an Auckland based property and construction company with over 30 years’ experience developing commercial and industrial properties throughout New Zealand.  The building works were completed in December 2019.  The sole tenant is  Wight Aluminium Group who have been operating out of Whanganui since it began operations as Wight Construction Co in 1965.

The scheme is  currently paying a distribution of 5.0% and is open to wholesale and/or eligible investors only.

22 Saleyards Road Scheme (1 unit available)

The Scheme encompasses a single-story industrial building with associated office and retail showroom in the sought after and tightly held industrial precinct of Otahuhu.  The Property is a substantial site of 19,437sqm and is fully leased to Surplus Brokers Limited (‘Surplus Brokers’) till 30 June 2022.

Investors are currently receiving distributions of 8.00% per annum and the scheme is open to wholesale and/or eligible investors only.

66 The Square Scheme (1 unit available)

A 38-year-old office tower on 1,000 sqm site located in the heart of Palmerston North at 66-68 The Square (corner Fitzherbert and The Square). The major leases are to TSB Bank Limited, Quality Suites  Serviced Apartments and Glendinning Chartered Accountants. There is approximately 5,016 m2 of NLA office accommodation and 40 apartments.  The scheme is  currently paying a distribution of 5.0% and is open to wholesale and/or eligible investors only.

Syndex is an online platform for the private capital markets, that enables investing, divesting and capital raising in proportionally owned structures. Syndex offers three different markets including the secondary market, where units in existing schemes can be listed and bid on by other Syndex users. By partnering with Syndex, Silverfin have increased the liquidity of their scheme’s units, increasing re-sales through an expansive database of users on the Syndex platform.
We are proud to be one of the first specialists in property syndication to embrace the Syndex trading platform. Syndex brings transparency and convenience to the process of trading in proportionally owned assets. For the first time, investors have a marketplace to buy, manage and sell their assets, at a price and time that suits them. You can find out more about Syndex on their website:, or access a range of how to guides and tips on their website under the ‘resources’ tab by clicking the button below.

If you have any further questions about Syndex, the Silverfin team would be happy to answer them: