Inghams Hatchery Scheme

Inghams Hatchery Scheme

Silverfin’s latest offer

To view or download the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) and the application forms, please click below.

  • 7.5% p.a. pre-tax cash return projected to 31 March 2028
  • Fully leased to Inghams Enterprises (NZ) Pty Limited.
  • Long-lease term of 20 years commencing on settlement.
  • Triple net lease with annual 2% rent increases.
  • PIE tax structure (highest individual tax rate capped at 28%).
  • Zero tax payable in first two years from depreciation allowances.

Silverfin Capital Limited, as issuer, has lodged a product disclosure statement for the Inghams Hatchery Scheme. For a copy of the Product Disclosure Statement, please visit the Disclose website, or contact us below.

Inghams Hatchery Scheme

An overview

Inghams Hatchery Scheme

Online Investor Presentation

View the Inghams Hatchery Scheme investor presentation presented by Silverfin Capital’s CEO Miles Brown, and CFO Vedant Desai.


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